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     My name is Kathleen Predmore, Kathy for short. I have been an artist since High School. I am now 60 years old. I have dealt in many medians, oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, charcoal and sculpturing. For over 40 years I raised, showed, and trained purebred dogs. I was a breeder of show quality Shetland Sheepdogs. Showing them in conformation as well as obedience. The name of my kennel was well known throughout the Southeast for breeding well-balanced excellent quality, and intelligent animals.  Eight years ago I bought my first Pembroke Welsh Corgis and now raise, show and train them in obedience as well as conformation showing.  Loving dogs as much as I do I have decided to specialize in Show Designs for the dog fancier, professional or amateur. 

     From 1994 to present day I developed and maintain  websites for clients  while going to college and being a work at home Mom. I also worked with a small animation program called StoryMaker VGA+, which deals with 2D graphics. I created an animated storybook which I give away online. It helps children with their reading skills as well as their computer skills. In October of 1999 I graduated college with an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems and had landed the job of my dreams. An ad-coordinator for New Leaf Inc., in which I created and developed the ads for their 13 catalogs. Until an auto accident rendered me unemployed and house ridden for a year, due to a broken ankle & infections. As I battled at home with my leg injuries I became more and more involved working with 3D graphics. I first began with Bryce 4.0 and then later on started working with Cinema 4DGo and Poser 4.0. I have since upgraded to Poser 5,  Bryce 5.0 and Vue d'Espirt 4.0. From June 2000 - June 2003 I worked at the college as an adjunct instructor, teaching software programs and computer related classes to adults. While not teaching, I still maintain and develop web sites and generate 3D graphics.. My favorite is creating characters with my 3D software, Poser and Cinema 4D. I enjoy creating animals especially. But have created much more since I have started. I have an online store at this site, I offer many new characters, clothes, textures and props.

    I am now offering my skills at Desktop Publishing. Working for clients creating not only websites but such things as business cards, flyers, newsletters, brochures and more... Below is just a sample of some of the 3D and 2D graphic designs I create and a small list of websites I created and maintain/ed that you may take a look at. Also I have attached a copy of my resume that you can view online here or download it in doc format.


 View my Portfolio:





Created and Maintained
[Click on links to view active websites and/or click HERE to read a few testimonials from others]

  1. My SC Saleen
    Developed and Maintained from 2000 - 2003
    Built for an individual as a hobby site. Now maintained by owner.
    Trained owner to maintain site using FrontPage/97
  2. GG's PoserJunction
    Developed and Maintained from 1999 - 2005
    Built for another 3D Artist. Hobbyist's site
    Update: Site closed due to owner's illness
  3. Saint Theresa of Douglasville
    Developed and Maintained beginning January 2006 - August 2009
    Built for Church business and parish events
  4. Rocking K Shih Tzu
    Developed and Maintained beginning October 18th, 2006 - Present
    Built for a Shih Tzu [dog] Breeder and Fancier [business website]
    Store Developed and Maintained from 2004 - May 2005
    Built to sell sale items on E-Bay.
    Update: Store Closed due to death of owner. Sharon you will be missed.

  6.  Lady Lunas Realm
    Developed and Maintained from 1999 - 2004
    Designed and maintained for a local author. E-commerce book store  [Aradia's Door] included.
    Update: Site closed due to illness of owner.

  7. Jo's Shih Tzu
    Developed and Maintained beginning August 2007 - Present
    Built for a Shih Tzu [dog] Breeder and Fancier [business website]

  8. Douglasville Kennel Club, Inc.
    Developed and Maintained beginning August 2008 - Present
    Built for local dog club organization. I also developed their Face Book presence.

  9. Bearded Clam Grille
    Developed to sell T-Shirts for owner

  10. Best in Show Shih Tzu
    Help train owner to develop her own site in 2012.

  11. Mike Kitchens Septic
    Designed and maintain site for owner of business, 2006 to present

Letters of Recommendations:
[click on link below to view sample/closed website]

New Leaf Distributors

Job Description: Ad-Coordinator

Created and designed electronic advertisements for company catalogs using Adobe PageMaker and Photo Shop. Did paste ups and help design catalogs to get ready for priners.

click on letter to view full size

Gloria Gast

Job Description:  Webpage Development and Editor

Created two websites to the specifications of owner. The websites were very graphic intense. One site was Gloria's Poserjunction a 3D graphic resource site the second site was LadyLuna's Gloria's books and information site about the Wicca religion.

click on letter to view full size



These are just samples of what type of books covers that can be made.

3D Book Cover Created

Same book cover but done in a 2D perspective

Another 2D perspective of the book cover for
"Patti & Pooka's Great Adventures"
[click on image to see full size]



[Click on image for larger view]


[click to enlarge]

2D Advertisement Page

[click on pic to view larger size]

Show Time Designs
 (publications for the professional dog owner)
Click Here

Partial List of Clients
Creekwood Collies
Crews Happy Acres
Rocking K Shih Tzu
Jo's Shih Tzu
Best in Show Shih Tzu
Sugarfoot Shelties
Moon Flower Ranch
Stockdale AmStaffs Kennels
TLC Veterinarian Hospital
Douglas Oaks Animal Hospital
and many more...


3D Graphic Designs
Contracted work for the creation of specific 3D Characters and/or textures

Model/s Created:
CCD's English Bulldog; CCD's English Bulldog Texture Pack; CCD's Bulldog Props

Created for:

{click on links to view Bulldog}

Created for training in 3D software applications, and in banner and multimedia creations for school as the mascot of sports team.

Below:  Wire-frame of object view Main Camera

May view finished dog HERE! as well as other animals I created.


Created For:

Contracted for Poser characters created from using  simple 2D drawings.
Below: First Image: 2D drawing
Second Image: Render of Poser anime character Firefly...(draft render of character)


Here are just three high resolution textures I created for characters used in Poser.

Sealpoint Siamese for the
Millennium Cat

Old Woman Character created using Victoria 3

SLAvatar Skin texture of a woman's head.
[Small sample 512x512]

Texture for GG's Fantasy Gown

Click on thumbnail to view full size texture.
Sample renders can be seen in download section.

More examples of Poser created characters, textures, and images can be found on this site at our store in our Gallery and in the free download section.

My Resume:

Kathleen M. Predmore

Douglasville, GA
Contact Me


Any position in the Computer Technology field and/or:

Desk Top Publishing Graphic Design Customer Service &/or Support Web Development Instructor or Teacher
Data Entry Administrative Assist. Networking/Maintenance Research/Development Programming Secretarial


  • West Central Technical Institute (Douglasville, GA): Majored in Computer Information Systems (CIS) Degree, (AAT) of Applied Technology. Graduated October 7,1999. Grade point average 3.8.



  • 12 years experience using Microsoft Front-Page/98, 2002, & 2003 MS Office/97 & 2003 (Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint), Internet Explorer, and Netscape
  • Three years experience as adjunct teacher for West Central Tech teaching computer software packages, Windows O/S, Microsoft Office Suite, and other such packages
  • Ten years Experience with a 10 key adding machine.
  • Clerk Typist at 55 wpm.
  • Operated a proof machine for First National Bank of Georgia and Regions Bank for one year.
  • Designed spreadsheets for sales department to use for multimedia presentations within tight deadlines.
  • Gained International and National telecommunication skills by handling customers requests and orders, (Customer Service and Support).
  • Supervised several workers in data entry jobs.
  • Gained significant experience in retailing, including direct contact with clientele, inventory, advertising, retail display and time management.
  • Studied methods to improve personal productivity.
  • Trained in knowledge of electric motors and attachments.
  • Wrote repair orders and responsible for receiving electric motors of all sizes.
  • Worked well under pressure.
  • Worked well with customers and employees.
  • Experienced in a multitasked job environment.
  • Promoted by supervisor and trained in several departments of the company
  • Performed flexibly in different departments of company: sales department, accounts receivable, credit department, and reception area.
  • Trained new employees in accounts receivable, order taker, and receptionist.
  • Instructed dog obedience classes professionally, teaching dog owners to train their dogs.
  • Managed all aspects of a kennel, including raising show dogs, training, selling, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Trained and showed dogs at shows sponsored by the American Kennel Club


  • Six Months E-Bay web store developer and maintenance.
  • Seven years Web Page Development, maintaining one business with an e-commerce store and two other individuals sites. (Business site URL:
  • Seven years experience in creating 3D graphics and working with 3D software packages, Bryce 5.0, PoserProPack, and Cinema4D Go. Samples of work at my business site.
  • Created and designed electronic advertisements for company catalogs using Adobe PageMaker and Photo Shop.
  • Did paste ups and help design catalogs to get ready for printing
  • Create graphics for web sites and multimedia.
  • Create and design animated storybooks for children.
  • Redesigned the Families Forever newsletter, created a new look, designed graphics and layout.
  • Technical writer for 991 Job Application forms (consisting of 12 to 20 pages) for postal workers, (proofread, and edited the forms to the specifications of the US Postal Service).
  • Published and edited the Families Forever newsletter made picture ready for printing.
  • Formatted, proofread, and edited the now published manuscript Dragon Quest to the specifications of the publishing companies.
  • Fluent in using Microsoft Works 4.0b,MS Office/97 & 2003, MS Publisher/2003, Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Page Maker 6.5, Corel, Paint Shop Pro 7.0, Ulead Photo Express, Print Shop Deluxe, Print Artist, Microsoft PowerPoint, Print Master Gold, Story Maker VGA+, Lotus, Excel, Access, and Word 6.0.


  • Program developer using the programs Visual Basics 5.0 and Cobol.
  • Database programmer (using Access and Visual Basics).
  • Install, maintain, and upgrade PC systems.
  • Upgrade hardware (motherboards, hard drives, floppy drives, CD ROMS, CD-R drives, sound cards, video cards, scanners and printers)
  • Upgrade and install software (format hard drives, install Windows/95 and/or any other related software).
  • Troubleshoot personal computers, hardware check, software applications, viruses, spyware, reinstall operating systems, etc.


  • Carroll Technical Institute Achievement Award: for outstanding achievement in Computer Information Systems and listed on the President’s Honor Roll for the Winter quarter of 1998 with a grade point average of 4.0 for classes in the Internet and Webpage Development, Visual Basics 5.0 and Database Management.
  • Brainbench Master Certification in Windows 95/98 Fundamental and Certification in MS Word/97, Business Math, Typing, Math Fundamentals, and Human Resource Concepts. (link results: )


Douglasville Kennel Club, Inc. of GA
Douglasville, GA
Contracted: Desktop Publishing-Brochures, Letterhead, Webmaster
April 2008 - Present
Jo's Shih Tzu Kennels
Jo-Anne Bandes - NewYork
Web Site Development and Maintenance
August 2007 - Present
Rocking K Shih Tzu Kennels
Regina Kitchens - Georgia
Website Site Development and Maintenance
October 2006 - Present
3D Modeling Company
Contract: High Resolution Textures and 3D Model Developing
June 2006 to Present
Zoe Sashini
PC Game Developer
Contract: High Resolution Skin Textures
June 2006 –June 2006
Reason for Leaving-Contract Completed
Clayton Plymill
HVAC Equipment
Contract: Texture Artist
June 2006 –June 2006
Reason for Leaving-Contract Completed
Saint Theresa Catholic Church
Web Site Development and Maintenance
January 2006 - August 200
Sharon Steck E-Bay Store Owner
Store Name: Best Web Discounts Contract:
E-Commerce Store
Development October 2004 - April 2005
Update: Site Owner Died Site Closed
Philip Espinoza
Martial ArtsCard Game Creation
3D Graphic Designing}
January 2005 – Present
References upon request
Computer Technician
Troubleshooter, Hardware & Software
Contract Work out of my home
October 1999 – Present
References upon request
Gloria Gast-Author
Edited Manuscript for Publication
Contract – 2week contract
March 2004 – March 2004
3D Graphic Designer,
Web Site & E-Commerce Store
February 2000 – Present
G & G Auto & RV Services
Database Development & Maintenance
January 2002 – August 2004
Reason for Leaving: Business Closed
West Central College
Adjunct Instructor
Computer Software Applications
June 2000 – June 2003
Reason for Leaving: Lack of Work
Gloria Gast
Web Site designed & maintained
Contract October 1998 to October 2005
Update: Site closed due to Owner's Illness
George Gast
Web Site designed and maintained
June 2000 – September 2002
Reason for Leaving: Contract Ended
New Leaf Distributors
(Chase Staffing Placement)
Ad Coordinator – Graphic Designer
November 1999, to January 2000
Reason for Leaving: Auto Accident Injury
Randstad Temp Svc.
Spreadsheet Design and Data Entry
August 1999 to November 1999
Reason for Leaving: Contract Ended
991 Applications, Graphic Designer, Multimedia and Animated Storybooks for Children
Contract: March 1996 to August 1999
Gloria Gast - published author Proofed/Formatted/Edited Manuscript

December 1996 - March 1998

Stay at Home Parent while Managing a Kennel, training and raising show dogs (Shetland Sheepdogs)
November 1980 - March 1996
Puritan Churchill Chemicals
Clerk Typist, Customer Svc. Credit Dept
April 1980 - November 1980
Cleveland Electric Co.
Customer Service/Motor Repair Dept.
June 1978 - April 1980
Reason for Leaving: 1st Shift Position
Empire Distributors, Inc.
Acct/Rec., Customer Service, Receptionist April 1974 - May 1978
Reason for Leaving: Better Pay


  • New Leaf Distributing Co: Wesley Morris Promotions Dept., phone # 770-948-7845
  • West Central Technical College: Jim Winchester, Main Campus: phone # 770-836-6800
  • Gloria Gast : phone # 770-942-8556
  • Portfolio and additional references available upon request.

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